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July Art Show

Featuring Erin Francis

Perceptions Yoga, Mindfulness and Art announce the July art show and sale of Erin Francis of North Vernon. Erin lives in North Vernon with her husband and 4 kids on a small farm. She went to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and graduated with a double major in Equine Instruction and Training and also Art. She planned to be an art teacher or go out west and work on a ranch, but she stated, “God had other things in mind for me.”

She is currently homeschooling 4 kids and bounces around homesteading, biking, horse back riding and of course painting. Her work has been featured throughout the state and most recently at a show in Columbus promoting breastfeeding.

“My theme is that life is fragile and beautiful and I want to share some of that beauty with everyone. In this collection of works I share what I find beauty in, whether that’s a breastfeeding child, worship, or a field of flowers. My artistic interest was recently reborn out of a life struggle. Out of that resurgence came a realization that creativity flowed through me and I wanted to paint everything I could get my hands on. I am incredibly thankful to God for blessing me with the gifts of expression and the skill of my hands that He has given me because I would be nothing without Him.” She works in pencil, gouache, and acrylics on paper, canvas, or wood.

Perceptions, a nonprofit 501c3 is located at 139 South Jackson Street in Vernon across from the courthouse. Parking is in back and the show is free to view.

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